Last Minute Small Details You Should Look At Before Signing Your Car Insurance Deal

You have done your research and looked at several insurance companies and finally you are ready to sign.

Before you sign it is of course very important that you read through the small print. It is not true that all insurance policies are the same. Do not wait to confirm this when things go wrong.

Apart from that there are a few clauses you should look out for. One increasingly notorious one is the one where people give up the right to sue. This happens through an innocent-looking clause that says any disagreements will go into arbitration. Chances are high that if anything goes wrong the car insurance company will use this particular clause to take advantage of you.

Experts strongly advice that you will be much better off if you DO NOT give up this right. If the insurance company refuses to remove this clause, then you are better off looking for another insurer for your business who will.

The other clause to look out for is the one that deals with repairs of your vehicle incase of an accident. If you own a new car and the insurance company says in the policy that aftermarket parts may be used for body shop repairs, then that is definitely a red light. It means that the resell value of your car will be greatly reduced. This is definitely not something you want to do if you plan on keeping your car and then trading it in for the next one at a later date. It will just cost you a lot of money.

There are a number of clauses that you will need to look at very carefully before you finally put ink on paper, but this is a useful guide that shuld go a long way in helping you determine where to start.